XCH Cloud Pool Marketplace press release

Welcome to XCH Cloud Pool and let me introduce you to our new functional Plots Marketplace. We are officially live, please follow this link to check it out. Our team worked hard to provide you a secure and totally free solution. You can make an order to buy or sell chia plots on demands. Our team doesn’t take any fee for that.

Chia Plots Marketplace

What benefits can I get and why do I need to buy plots? First of all we need to understand how chia farming works. Chia plot file stores a collection of cryptographic numbers which was calculated during plot setup. Usually it takes about 4 hours to farm a single plot, but there are a few ways to do it faster, check this article. Each plot that you are farming or buying is a kind of lottery ticket with probability of winning a block is the percentage of the space that a farmer has compared to the entire network for each challenge. And there are 4608 chances to win a challenge per day. So more space plots you have give you more opportunities to win the challenge. As I mentioned before each plot takes about 4 hours to farm and about 108GB of space for k-32 type and don’t forget that it requires 356GB of temporary space to be created. So this process may take your time and your hardware resources and this is a moment when our marketplace appears in your life and gives you a possibility to let somebody else farm your plots.

For now you have two plot’s formats: original and portable. Portable is a newer type and lets you switch between pools with a cooldown of ~30 minutes between each switch while original plots require you to farm for a specific pool each time. Each switch between pools will need a transaction with a smart contract on the blockchain. Official Chia-network recommendation is to slowly replace your existing plots with portable plots one by one, so you still have a chance to win XCH while you convert to all portable plots.

How can I buy and what risks do I have?

First of all you need to find your seller at marketplace. And provide all the needed information to him. Usually it’s a farmer key and a pool key or pool contract address. And remember don’t share your private key to anyone if you want your Chia coins to be safe. Sharing public keys is totally safe. After you share them you can relax and wait for a link to download your plot file(s). One more thing you need to know is that sometimes it’s a little bit tricky to download such a big file(s) and some services may provide different restrictions on it. And that’s why plot’s buyers try to find a seller who can provide a plot’s download link to a server which is close to their physical location. It will give you the opportunity to have a stable connection and a fast speed. If you will find it in the same country it will be good enough or at least on the same continent. Just ask your seller about the location of the share server.

Who is providing plotting services? XCH cloud pool team doesn’t provide plots by themselves. Every seller at the market place is an independent entrepreneur and all risks of working with them are only in your hands. Our support team is always ready to help you regarding any questions you can have. We are continuing to improve our services and provide new updates with ranking system and trusted partners in the near future. Check our updates on social media.

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