How to connect to (Chia) XCH Cloud Pool

This guide is also available in Russian.

We’ve created a quick guide how to connect to our Chia pool. Everything is pretty straightforward. Here’s a list of steps you need to do to connect, we will cover each step in details. Here’s also very detailed guide from official Chia team.

For those who just need our pool URL, here it is –

  1. Install Chia Client.
  2. Sync your full node and wallet. (+ small tip to increase synchronization speed)
  3. Receive some XCH from Faucet.
  4. Create Plot NFT (aka Connect to pool).
  5. Add new Portable Plots or use existing ones
  6. Check everything is working.

Install Chia Client

Go to official Chia website and install latest version of client for your OS. If you have already installed older version just download latest one from GitHub and install again. You won’t lose any data after installing newer version.

Sync your full node and wallet

Wait until client will sync full node and your wallet. You will see green ‘Synced’ when it’s done. You will need to sync both wallet and note, so check both. It may take a while to sync full node, so you might want to download DB – message us in TG or discord, we can help with that.



Increase synchronization speed

You can connect to our server to increase synchronization speed, since our server has fully synchronized node. Go to ‘Full Node’ section, scroll down to ‘Connection’ and click ‘Connect to other peers’. Fill fields with next:

IP Adress / Host –

Port – 8444

Then ‘Connect’ and you should see our pool link in the list of connections. Here’s how it looks like:

Receive some XCH from Faucet

Go to official Chia Faucet and get some XCH. You will need it to connect to pool. Go to your wallet in the Chia Client, copy address from “Receive Address” section and insert on the website. It may take 20-30 minutes until you will see XCH in your wallet.

NOTE: Until your wallet is not synced you will see zero XCH on your balance. Wait until wallet synced, then check the balance.

Plot NFT (aka Connect to pool)

Once you have some XCH in your wallet, open ‘Pool’ section, choose ‘Connect to pool’ option. Fill fields with following:

  • Pool URL –
  • Fee – 0.000000000001. (It should highlight 1 mojo under field)

This how it should look like:

Also you will see some basic info about our pool.

 Click ‘Create’ only once and wait for it to be confirmed. It can take several minutes for it to be confirmed and to show up in the ‘Pool’ section.

If you have already created Plot NFT you can click ‘Change Pool’ button and fill fields with information above. Changing pool might take up to 24 hours.

Add new Portable Plots or use existing ones

We recommend to plot using MadMax plotter to increase plotting speed, but you can also plot with default plotter. You can check our guide for macOS and Windows. For linux refer to GitHub, everything is really easy.

Open ‘Plots’ section, click add plots, choose settings and at the very bottom in the ‘Join a Pool’ section choose Plot NFT. Name of Plot NFT should be same as in the previous step. Once at least one plot created it will start farming automatically.

For those who already have portable plot, go to the previous and instead of creating new Plot NFT click ‘Change Pool’.

Check everything is working

Once you have at least once plot you will start receiving points. Wait for an hour or so and you should see that your current point balance has been increased.

You will see something like this:

If you see that your points balance and difficult are increasing then it seems that everything is fine. Keep plotting to get more reward.

If in the filed “Points Successful in Last 24 Hours” you have less than 90% then something goes wrong. Contact us we will investigate and try to help you.

Additional Info

If you’re stuck with something or just need help feel free to message us in Telegram or Discord. (Email also fine and this form also fine, discord link does not work in Safari, copy code manually)

Link to official guide.

Link to client install guide.

Happy farming!

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