What is the most profitable Chia (XCH) Pool?

You may wondering how do I choose the most profitable Chia pool? Maybe the biggest one? or the one that has a lot of features? In this article we will try to figure our which pool is the most profitable pool for farmers.

If we imagine 10 different size pools with same fee then the profit for you as a farmer on the long run from each pool will be approximately same, right? That seems to be the case.

In the big pool with a lot of farmers you get a reward very frequently, but it will very tiny reward. Opposite thing in the small pool, the reward might be once during a day or week or even 2 weeks, but you will get bigger share.

Earning Calculations

Let’s do some math and see how farmer reward depends on the pool size. I will use chia calculator website for reference numbers. At the time of writing this article the total netspace is 31.269 EiB and XCH price is $229.

Let’s say we have 4 different pools with same 1% fee.

  1. Pool A with 10 EiB netspace.
  2. Pool B with 1 EiB netspace.
  3. Pool C with 100 PiB netspace.
  4. Pool D with 1 PiB netspace.

Now let’s assume we have 100 TiB as a farmer. You will get a share from each won block. Your share depends on how much percents you own in a pool. For example in pool D with 100 TiB you will own 9.76% of pool netspace, thus you will get approx. 9.76% of each block extracting pool fee. Then the equation is simple.

Your share in the pool can be calculated by dividing your netspace by overall pool netspace. Share of a farmer with 100 TiB in a pool D will be 9.76%, in a pool C 0.0976% and so on.

So what will be your earnings in each pool during 1 months?

Let’s assume that we have 28 days in this particular month to simplify the calculation. Now let’s see how many coins will get each pool using Chia calculator as a reference.

  1. Pool A – 62 530 XCH
  2. Pool B – 7996 XCH
  3. Pool C – 804 XCH
  4. Pool D – 8 XCH

You can see that pool D will have only 8 XCH during 28 days, but does that mean that you as a farmer will earn less rather than in a pool A for example? Let’s figure that out as well. Remember we imagine a farmer with 100 TiB. Also let’s assume that this farmer will not win any block by himself during this period, this wouldn’t change the calculation overall, we will just need to add 0,25 XCH for each found block. This rule apply to all Chia pools, so can be safely skipped. The pool fee in this example is also 0%.

Here’s how earnings of this particular farmer will look like in each pool after 28 days of farming:

PoolPool netspacePool EarningsFarmer shareEarnings
Pool A10 EiB82 140 XCH0.0009536%0,7833 XCH
Pool B1 EiB8204 XCH0.009536%0,7825 XCH
Pool C100 PiB804 XCH0.09765%0,7847 XCH
Pool D1 PiB8 XCH9,765%0,7841 XCH
This numbers are approximate, real life number can vary because of the luck factor.

As we see from this calculations regardless of the size of pool farmer will get approximately same reward. Real number might be different because Chia farming is about luck as well.

No big difference is clearly visible in this comparison. The difference in earnings in any pool is not that dramatical and may vary depending on luck.

So the only thing which is affect your earnings is pool fee. Another thing might be also trust. Pool can easily cheat and add hidden fees, so be careful choosing pool.

How to choose the most profitable pool?

Taking into account all information above your best choice is pool with lowest fee. Using the chia calculator you will be able to get an idea of your earnings taking into account all the factors. If you’d like to earn less but receive rewards very often then large pool is your choice.

Supporting small pools is also important thing for Chia Network decentralisation, so consider to support small pool and move some number of your plots to small pool.

Trust is also important factor, check who’s behind the pool you want to join.

That’s all for today, stay tuned and consider joining our pool! We’re a small pool with 0,25% fee and daily airdrops. You can find guide how to connect here.

Happy farming! 👩‍🌾

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